Piecemeal Excuses

Well, well, well.

Did you know that if you wait a long time post on your blog, then by the time you post, it’s been a long time?


Well, here’s my official apology. If it’s any consolation, I have been hard at work! Since July, I’ve had a poem called “Masque” published in an anthology called Masquerade (Curated by Kelly Dowswell and Adella Quick. I’ve also had another short story included in another as-of-yet untitled Mermaid Anthology with Quill and Flame Publishing. This short story is set in the world of Wednesday’s Book. I think you’ll like it. More details when that one comes out. In the meantime, here is the cover for the Masquerade Anthology (framed by the inspiration photos for my poem), in case you’re curious:

In other news, I have FINISHED Book One of two in my Cinderella retelling. THIS BOOK. Every single time I thought I had the format or length figured out, it took a sharp right turn, and I’d be wrong again. Y’all, this book is going to be massive. Book One has weighed in at 195,249 words (that is a comma, not a decimal), and going by the plot of the second (which I will start writing in the new year) Book Two will be roughly the same.

This means a couple of things. My Sci-Fi series will probably not be released as early as I wanted it to. I really like to write my series all at once, so there are less continuity errors, and more cohesiveness in theme and character. With any luck, Book Two will NOT take as long to write as Book One, but if it does, I won’t start working on the Sci-Fi series until about September, which means Sci-Fi Book One (are you still following me?) won’t be published until Spring.

Now, before we panic, that’s more or less worst case scenario, and I believe that it won’t take that long, but Book One (of the Cinderella Retelling) was one of the most difficult books I’ve had to write. Reading it, I believe you will understand why.that is, but if not (like, in 2-3 years when it’s published, haha) come and talk to me. I will elaborate. (Right now it’s kind of spoilers.)

BUT I Am excited about finishing everything, and to finish this story that’s becoming more and more precious to me. The main character is a lot more similar to me than I’d like to admit sometimes, and I’m very invested in her getting her happy ending.

Cinderella Retelling Book 1 took a long time, because reasons. It’ll probably delay Sci-Fi Series, but hopefully not a crazy lot.

As far as immediate story news, that’s about it. As far as appearances go, I don’t have any book signing plans for the coming year (SO FAR) but I will update as I go. If you do want to meet up, I am planning on attending the following events. As always, feel free to come and say hi.

Note: All of the following events, I am attending as a PARTICIPANT. If you do attend, please be courteous to other attendants and presenters. (I don’t anticipate any issues, but if you become an issue, I will leave you to the consequences of your own actions.)

Feb 16-18: Life, the Universe and Everything Conference (Provo, UT)
Feb 16: Proper Romance’s Winter Soiree (as my budget and clothing options allow, haha) (Lindon, UT)
May 11-13: Storymaker’s Conference (Provo, UT)
September 21-23: SLC Fan-X Convention, (SLC, UT) (UNCONFIRMED)

If our paths cross, please come and say hi, I’d be so happy to see you! If not, I hope you’re well!

Onward and Upward!

Take care, everybody!

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